Karcher T-300 Plus T-Racer Patio Cleaner for K Series. #2.640-212

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• A 'hovercraft' cleaner for the patio

• The new innovative "T-Racer" from Kärcher has been specially designed for high pressure cleaning of ground surfaces.
• It attaches to an existing Kärcher high pressure cleaner, and is used to clean patios, paths and driveways with ease.
• It uses a splashguard that hovers on a cushion of air just a few millimetres from the ground, with the advantage of no splashback.
• The area that the T-Racer covers is three to four times larger in comparison to that of a handheld trigger gun, and the surface is more evenly cleaned.

• The way is works is as simple as it is effective. Beneath the plastic splashguard is a rotating nozzle pipe shaped like a propeller.
• The fan-jet nozzle at each end of the pipe triggers a recoil that sets the propeller in motion.
• The resulting uplift makes the T-Racer hover above the ground and glide at a steady distance over uneven surfaces.
• It evenly cleans surfaces such as wooden planks, tiles, concrete slabs, and artificial or natural stone.
• The height above ground can be adjusted to suit the surface and amount of dirt by turning a handle on the casing.



Technical Data
• Working Width  300mm
• Working Height  225 mm
• Dimensions (LxWxH)  330 x 330 x 210 mm 
• Weight  1.5 kg

• Will Fit K 2.080, K 2.180, K 2.240, K 2.360, K 3.160, K 4.650, K 5.650, K 5.670 CAR,
    K 5.700 T300 & K 6.450 T400 Models


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